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We hold the torch of education on the path of Success

  1. To provide a convenient platform to students aspiring to make a career in the field of commerce to nurture & realize their dreams.
  2. To contribute our little in the development of our economy by providing intellectual, efficient & competent professionals to business, academic, corporate & whole gamut of financial sector.


  • We aim at providing excellent professionals armored with expert knowledge, sharpened with skills of sincerity, dedication, handwork, honesty & integrity.
  • We focus an imparting quality education by using conceptual & scientific methods of coaching techniques through e-learning portal, Video lectures (Pen drive classes), Classroom coaching & Books.
  • We aim at implementing effective teaching & learning methodologies to get the maximum output in competitive examinations, the same is reflected in our publications and Online/Offline test series designed in comprehensive & Student friendly form.
  • We aim at providing knowledge based education through e-learning portal, Video lectures (Pen drive classes), Classroom coaching and Books so that our students can make a difference in the growth of the nation through their contributions rather than assisting them merely to achieve academic qualifications.


Dr. Yogendra Bangar

Mr. Bangar a member of ICAI, is the founder and pioneer of AADHYAS – Academy and Prakashan & BANGAR’S EDUCATION HUB. A thorough educationist and a self made man with an excellent academic record throughout, he laid the foundation stone of Aadhya Academy in 1996. Beginning with table coaching to a couple of students, he has over the years, step by step with great determination and hardwork built a strong “Knowledge based” education support system providing a platform to aspiring students to pursue and achieve their goals. He believes in the saying, “Learn as if you were to live forever”, it is his continuous thirst for knowledge that has gained him a name amongst intellectual heads in the renowned Institutes of Commerce. His commitment for quality education has enabled him to develop a unique method of teaching and learning which retains the strong characteristics of conservative learning and teaching methods developed in lines with the latest technologies. Thus, blending the values of traditional system with the modern concept of education with technology.

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Dr. Vandana Bangar

Mrs. Bangar a member of ICAI, is a person with a bright and successful educational background. She joined her husband Shri Yogendra Bangar in this association as a faculty in Business and Corporate Laws. She believes that the strongest people aren't always the people who win, but the people who don't give up when they lose. She has been a strong support in building the Academy. Being committed towards achieving the vision set for Aadhyas and Bangar’s Education Hub, she has left no stone unturned in taking the institution to its present heights.

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Mani Kela

The 'Iron hand' behind developing the publication business. She has no special talents but is passionately curious and with her persistent efforts she has been able to hone magnificent business skills. Having learnt the intricacies of publication business from her father in law late Shri Om Prakashji Kela, she has been a part of the inception of Aadhya Prakashan, nurtured it as her own baby and brought it to its present heights facing all the obstacles and challenges with a strong grit and determination. Though not professionally qualified but has been able to claim a place of honour amongst the qualified people with her strong management abilities and farsightedness. Woman of high spirits and positive attitude, she is a strong motivator. Hardworking, polite, integrity, honesty, sincerity, dedication and most important optimistic are the strong traits of her personality.